Best holiday destinations in Western Australia

Best holiday destinations in Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia and takes up one-third of the whole country. With so much space to cover there’s an incredible array of diversity to explore across the state. From the rugged landscapes of the northwest to the greener pastures of the southwest and the incredible blues of the coastline, there are a lot of places to visit in Western Australia. In this article, we’ve asked some of our favourite travel bloggers to divulge their favourite holiday destination in Western Australia along with the best things to do in each place.


Between turquoise water beaches, orange sandy roads and magnificent natural parks, there is something for everyone in Exmouth. Do not miss the lighthouse at sunset and Cape Range National park, where is the magnificent Turquoise Bay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.We went to Exmouth in summer (February) and if you like the heat, it’s perfect! If you prefer more appropriate weather for walks, I recommend going there in spring or autumn.

There is almost always sunshine so you will not be disappointed on this side. Try to spot some emus, it’s not hard, when we were there, they were walking on the beach and even in the streets! Such a special animal!For accommodation, we stayed in a very nice mobile home at the entrance of the town! There is a lot of choice for accommodation in Exmouth.  Exmouth is not big and it’s easy to get around so you will almost always be well situated.If you only have to do one thing in Exmouth, go for a walk: “Mandumandu gorge” or “Yardie creek” in Cape range national park. There is a wonderful view of the surroundings!

Rottnest Island

With the proximity to Perth and Fremantle, Rottnest Island (also referred to as “Rotto”) is the perfect spot for a holiday in Perth. With the sun shining throughout the day, visitors have the opportunity to relax for a day or spend the whole weekend.There are so many incredible activities on Rottnest Island. Beach lovers can choose from over 60 beaches to relax on and swim or snorkel in the clear waters.

Those who enjoy wildlife will meet peacocks and quokkas. Quokkas are native to the island and are adorable marsupials to see. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the island’s history by visiting the Wadjemup Lighthouse and taking a tour of Oliver Hill Battery and Railway.To get to Rottnest Island, visitors need to take a ferry from Perth or Fremantle. The ride takes 35 minutes from Fremantle and about an hour if you’re departing from Perth city. Once on the island, there are no cars and the best option is to rent a bicycle.  Otherwise, there is a hop-on-off bus that tours the island.

While most people tend to visit Rottnest Island as a day trip, there are several options to stay overnight. Accommodation options for an overnight stay include the Rottnest campground, cabins, cottages, and dormitories.We stayed at the Caroline Thomson cabins and enjoyed the amenities. The splurge option includes the Hotel Rottnest which has an oceanside view.


Broome’s beauty and history make it one of the best holiday destinations in Western Australia. Located 2000 km from Perth in WA’s Kimberley, Broome has everything from amazing sightseeing adventures to iconic tourist experiences.Two essential Broome activities are a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach and between March and October seeing the famous Staircase to the Moon.

The staircase appears as the moon rises above the exposed mudflats. The Moon Markets are held on Staircase nights and have a great vibe. On non-staircase evenings, visit the Sun Pictures outdoor movie theatre. Nothing beats relaxing in a deck chair with a drink and popcorn!For something a bit different, try a hovercraft tour of Roebuck Bay. You’ll see dinosaur footprints at GantheaumeBay and some famous Kimberley colour as turquoise water meets orange rocks.Broome has many museums, galleries and shops that pay homage to the town’s history and pearl diving industry. Broome is also a great base for whale shark and Horizontal Falls tours.The best time to visit Broome is between April and November. To avoid the crowds, try going early in the season. Many people visit Broome as part of a road trip. There are also flights to Broome from many capital cities in Australia.

There are Broome accommodation options for all budgets. We stayed on a powered site at the Broome Vacation Village Caravan Park and enjoyed our time there. If you do go to Broome early in the season, we certainly recommend staying somewhere with air conditioning!

Denham and Monkey Mia

831km north of Perth sits the Francois Peron Peninsula and the remote town of Denham and nearby Monkey Mia.Denham is home to just 600 inhabitants. While the best adventures may be had with a 4×4′ don’t let that put you off because it is one of the most exquisite areas that Western Australia has to offer.

The town itself is small but the main drawcard is the natural surroundings especially the flat, calm and clear sandy bay that engulfs the town.  It is perfect for snorkelling, paddling and swimming and if you’re fortunate enough, you might bump into one of the resident dolphins that mingle in the area.

Of course, the main attraction on the peninsula is the small resort of Monkey Mia where dolphins come close to shore twice a day to be fed. Visitors can stand in the water alongside the dolphins and some are even picked out to feed them fish.The waters up at Monkey Mia are spectacular and some of the clearest and bluest I’ve ever seen. The shores are lined with cheeky pelicans and harmless but sneaky, little ghost crabs.If resorts are not your thing, don’t worry because Eagle Bluff is 10 minutes away and has an amazing view across the ocean. The waters encircling this bay attract rays, small sharks, turtles and dugongs that you can watch from the wooden boardwalk. Although you can’t swim here, you can pop along to Whalebone Cove which is perfect for snorkelling & canoeing. There are small reef sharks in the water but they’re totally harmless and the turtles frequently come up for air.

With a plethora of beaches and lagoons, this entire area is a nature lovers paradise. Take Shell Beach for example, it is 60km long and one of only two beaches in the world that are entirely made from shells. Along the roadsides watch out for emus, kangaroos and many varieties of native birds.  It is definitely worth a visit if you’re on a road trip in Western Australia.

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