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Imagine living in an award-winning sustainable home, where luxury meets eco-conscious design. At Maxa Design, we specialise in creating bespoke, energy-efficient homes that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also enhance your quality of life. With our expertise in Passive House (Passivhaus) principles, we transform your vision into a reality of comfort, efficiency, and elegance. Let us guide you through the journey of building your dream luxury eco-home, tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Unmatched Expertise in Sustainable Home Design

Maxa Design stands at the forefront of sustainable home design, providing top-tier consulting services that ensure your project meets the stringent Passivhaus standards. Our team leverages the latest advancements in the Passive House Planning Program (PHPP) to meticulously assess and enhance your building’s thermal performance. By choosing Maxa Design, you’re investing in a home that excels in energy efficiency, offering both environmental benefits and long-term cost savings.

Comprehensive Passivhaus Consulting Services

We offer a suite of services designed to take your eco-home from concept to completion. Our thermal performance assessments provide detailed insights into your design’s feasibility, ensuring every aspect aligns with the Passivhaus standards. Concerned about achieving certification? Our compliance evaluation service meticulously analyses your design, offering expert recommendations to optimise energy efficiency and meet certification criteria. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the certification pathway, ensuring your home stands as a testament to sustainable luxury.

Tailored Reports for Every Stage

Maxa Design understands the diverse needs of our clients, which is why we offer customised reporting options. Our Summary Preliminary Passivhaus Report is perfect for sharing with stakeholders, providing a clear overview of key findings and project feasibility. For designers and builders, our Full Technical Report delves into the intricate details, offering comprehensive analysis and actionable insights. These reports are crafted to ensure you have all the information necessary to make informed decisions throughout your project.

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Ready to embark on the journey to your luxury eco-home? Maxa Design is here to make your dream of an award-winning sustainable home a reality. Contact our Passivhaus guru at or call us at 03 9013 0449 to start your project today. Let Maxa Design be your partner in building a sustainable future, one elegant, energy-efficient home at a time. Join us, and let’s create a home that embodies the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability.

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