Street Food In Sydney

10 Delicacies That Will Make You Fall In Love With The City

Here is a list of 10 best street foods that will treat your taste buds and give you a sumptuous experience while holidaying there. Take a look!

Barbecued Snags

Australian barbecue has always been famous and people salivate around these foods. Thus, when you are visiting Sydney, you must find a place where you can satiate your hunger for barbecue and don’t forget to find out the barbecued snags as well. These sausages are brushed with garlic butter and then it is barbecued. The very name of it will bring make you run for it.

Location: The Squire’s Landing

Price: $17 to $42

Pigs In Blanket

You have heard of the name of the famous food. So many people love this food item as a starter. Have this famous food anywhere on the streets of Sydney and you will not forget the authentic taste of it. Delicious pig meat wrapped in fried flour wrap is the best thing you have ever tasted, so you must have the taste of it now.

Location: Pigs & pastry

Price: $12 to $16

Spring Rolls

Who doesn’t love spring rolls and the same thing from Asian cuisine is the most delicious one. If you are looking for the best Asian street food in Sydney you must taste the delicious spring rolls first. There are various types of spring rolls you will get from Asian cuisine and you can choose the one you like. The rolls are a wonder with the filling of meat and various vegetables, once you taste it, there is no going back. So taste this food from the street foods of Sydney and you will certainly order some more and take that home.

Location: Fortune village

Price: $3.90 to $60

Chicken Green Curry

Get the best taste of Thai street food in Sydney from the taste of chicken green curry. If you are relishing for Thai food for a while then experience the best taste of Green chicken curry. It will leave you wanting more of it. You can enjoy this food as a takeout and eat them with your family and they will certainly love the taste of delicious chicken that immediately melts inside your mouth.

Location: Chat Thai

Price: $55 for two


Get the taste of Korean street food in Sydney by tasting Bibimbap first. This is a food plate of fried egg and cooked beef. You will certainly love this cuisine as it is very delicious and very popular one in Korea. Eat the food with gochujang the infamous chili paste and you will be salivating for more. You can have bibimbap at the side of rice and sweet corn which will heighten the deliciousness of it more. In Australia, the name of Bibimbap has spread rapidly as more and more people are loving this food.

Location: Sáng by Mabasa

Price: $7 to $20

Carrot Halwa

Get the best Indian street food in Sydney have a special carrot halwa. Take in the raunchy sweetness of the halwa that melts inside your mouth. The whole preparation is made with ghee and sugar. You will find the best delicious halwa on the streets of Sydney. There are various vendors who sell, pavlova or carrot halwa. You might get lost in the tasty deliciousness of the food and it won’t anymore taste like carrots. You will certainly love this street from India and let your family and friends have some experience with it as well

Location: North Indian Cuisine

Price: $5.20 t0 $14.50

Halloumi Burgers

Check out Halloumi burgers form the Greek street food in Sydney. Taste the best halloumi cheese in the burger and the crisp taste of olive oil. This burger is made from buttered lettuce that has an excellent taste and makes the food more delicious at the same time. If you like burgers, then you must taste this one at least one from the street foods of Sydney. It will leave all the way satisfied and you might order two more!

Location: Soul burger

Price: $17

Hamburger With Beetroot

Have this unique burger while visiting Sydney. You will get crisp meat patty and the softest buns. It’s a classic hamburger and you will find that this street food is very special in the entire city. So if you are craving for classic dishes this hamburger will satiate your desire all the way. You will find the meat is juicy and it’s highly delicious, if you love food then this will be at the top of your list.

Location:Ribs& burgers

Price: $8.9 to $17.9

Chiko Rolls

These are similar to spring rolls but they are filled with delicious beef. This food item is famous and available in so many shops and you can get it from the street vendors as well. It will fill your stomach when you are very hungry, and these are very affordable as well. If you are unable to find any solid meal in the budget you can have these rolls all the time.

Location: Alfine Chinese cuisine

Price: $15

Meat Pies

Check out the delicious meat pies from the street food market in Sydney. You can have this tasty food as a snack and you must know the pies are filled with delicious meat. You can have it with some portions of mashed potato and gravy and you will never forget the taste of the infamous meat pies of Sydney. You can get it from gourmet restaurants or can always buy the same from street vendors as well. Both places will give you the best taste always.

Location: Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

Price: $6.80

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