The best places to play paintball in Melbourne

Gather your mates for a day unleashing your pent up anger or pretending to be a top-level military assassin

Love laser tag, but keen on something a bit higher impact? Opt for paintball, where you can spend an afternoon pelting your friends with capsules filled with dye. It’s a great opportunity to relieve some stress or to live out your best assassin fantasies, a la John Wick or Kill Bill

We’ve rounded up several locations in or near Melbourne, with some as close as a 30-minute drive from the CBD. Whether you’re keen on a quick and classic session or a Hollywood-esque, narrative-driven round, we’ve got you covered.

Prefer something mentally rather than physically challenging? Try your hand at one of these escape rooms around Melbourne.

Photograph: Sniper’s Den

Snipers Den

Just an hour southeast of Melbourne CBD is Sniper’s Den, a three-hectare paintball field equipped to host everything from a casual hang with friends to large corporate events, birthdays and buck’s parties. There are five different areas to choose from, including the Courage Under Fire field, which simulates an urban combat environment; the 50 Piece Sup Air Tournament Field, which is the largest paintball field in Victoria; the Heaven and Hell field, designed for those who prefer playing with strategy over brute force; the Tactical Ops field, which offers challenging obstacles; and the Prison Break field, for the added challenge of navigating a prison wall. 


Photograph: Hot Shot Paintball

Hot Shots Paintball Adventure Park

With 11 different playing fields to choose from, you can basically have an entirely different paintballing experience every time you come to this Anakie paintball locale. It’s the only field in Australia to use Hollywood-style special effects to its offerings, including movie props, backdrops, explosions and sound effects. If you’re after a classic, no-fuss round of paintball, you can definitely do that here. However, the real point of difference of Hot Shots versus other paintball places is its narrative-based gameplay. Pretend you’re Lara Croft and hunt down ancient treasures in pyramids, or act like a mediaeval sniper and protect multi-level castles from enemies. Star Wars fans can even choose to either be part of the Rebellion or the Empire in a fight to rule the universe. 

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Wallan Paintball

Up towards Heathcote, you’ll find a 100-hectare paintball spot that combines the thrilling tactical nature of the sport with the feel of being lost in the bush. Wallan Paintball is the largest paintball venue in Victoria and is also among the cheaper options with packages that start at just $30 per day for a four-hour session. The fields are filled with obstacles like trenches, massive logs, hollow metal barrels and barricades made from fallen branches. There’s no shortage of places for you to hide and sneak up on your opponents, and you’ll also have heaps of tree cover since the field is essentially in a forest. 

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Photograph: Bulat Khamitov

World Series Paintball

It’s tough trying to find a paintball venue that isn’t hours outside of Melbourne, but luckily this Oakleigh spot situated by the Chadstone Shopping Centre is only a half-hour from the CBD. World Series Paintball operates 11 paintball fields across Australia, making it one of the biggest and most well-known providers of paintball experiences in our country. There’s normal paintball for adults aged 16 and older, and children can participate in rounds of splatball, a version that uses lower-impact paintballs that won’t bruise or hurt players. 

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Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force in Dingley Village is currently shut, with plans to reopen in May.

There’s nothing like shooting a couple of your mates with tiny, colourful pellets to unwind and relax. Delta Force Paintball in Dingley (near Moorabbin Airport) is one of the biggest paintball providers in the world, with locations across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands. The Melbourne course is notable for featuring movie set-style setups where you can duck and dodge in ancient Egypt, the Wild West or even right next to a real USAF aircraft. 

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