A brand-new 32km multi-day coastal walk is opening up in Victoria

We may not be well-known for our coastlines down here in Victoria, but we think they deserve more hype. From the stunning Great Ocean Road to the Mornington Peninsula and the beautiful Bass Coast, our shores have so much to offer both locals and visitors. Soon, there’ll be a new attraction that highlights the winding coastline and sandy shores of our state’s south eastern corner, with a new 32km coastal trail set to open on the Bass Coast. 

It may be a little further to travel than your go-to beach spots (an hour and forty minutes from Melbourne by car, to be exact) but this epic new walking trail will be worth the journey. The path will wind through one of Victoria’s newest major parks, the Yallock-Bulluk Marine and Coastal Park, forming an east-to-west connection between the beloved seaside towns of San Remo and Inverloch. 

Construction of the trail will involve an $8.33 million upgrade to the existing George Bass Coastal Walk to form a trail along the rugged coastline, beaches and dunes of the Bass Coast, including three new lookouts capturing truly spectacular vistas at the popular visitor sites of Punchbowl, the Arch and Eagles Nest. With the creation of the new walking path, avid hikers will be able to venture all the way from the Punchbowl in San Remo to Cape Paterson through the stunning coastal park. Get your cameras ready, because there will be plenty of stunning sights to snap along the way. 

There’s still a little while to wait before the trail officially opens, with construction expected to kick off next year and continue into 2025. But we feel it’ll certainly be worth the wait. You can find out more about the new trail here. We’re certainly putting it on our holiday bucket lists! 

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of coastal spots across Victoria where you can enjoy your next getaway, or if you’re keen to stretch your legs, there’s loads of walking trails in and around Melbourne

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