Where to Find the Best Coffee in Sydney in 2023

Sydney is a city known for its adoration of good coffee, with an abundant selection of cafés and coffee shops. Whether you’re from Sydney or just visiting, you have to find a decent cup of coffee there. In this community, coffee is a serious industry. Our list has options for everyone, whether you need to take yours in a paper cup to go or have time to stop and sip.

Single O

This Surry Hills corner café, formerly known as Single Origin Roasters but renamed Single O after patrons abbreviated the name in classic Aussie fashion, has been serving fine coffee since 2003. Their single-origin coffees come from countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Kenya. But make sure to try the house Reservoir blend, which is available in both recently roasted bags for takeout and carefully produced coffees offered in-house. The team can accommodate your preferences for espresso, pour-over, Aero-press, cold brew, or cappuccino.

Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills, which is in Surry Hills, comes next. The excellent coffee and mouth-watering fare at this café and roastery are well-known. They concentrate on single-origin and direct trade beans and provide a variety of espresso and filter coffee options. Their website also acts as something of a newsroom for various available coffees, their origins, history, and availability, making Reuben Hills very popular with the coffee fanatics in Sydney.

The Paramount Coffee Project

Founded in 2013, PCP stands up for farmers and brewers while championing outstanding Australian and foreign roasters. This cafe and roastery is known for its unique and delicious coffee offerings, with a focus on seasonal and experimental blends. Along with coffee, you can also get tea, herbal tea, milkshakes, cold-pressed juice, sodas, and various espresso mixes like, espresso of the day, filter, and iced batch brews.

Mecca Coffee

Another excellent coffee establishment in Sydney is Mecca Coffee. Mecca has several sites across the city that are renowned for their excellent coffee and helpful, friendly employees. They concentrate on single-origin beans and cutting-edge preparation methods, and they provide a variety of espresso- and filter-based beverages. Serious coffee consumers visit the establishment, stopping by to replenish on high-quality beans or purchase bags of special house blends, espresso blends, and coffees from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Rwanda, and Ethiopia to take home.

Artificer Coffee

The Surry Hills-based small-batch coffee producer and eatery Artificer Coffee is renowned for its superb coffee and minimalist aesthetic. Artificer, which draws a devoted following of fans, is where regulars and bystanders go to get their dose of coffee. There are a lot of media, catering, and fashion types in Surry Hills who are addicted to this sophisticated coffee. Additionally, they offer a small but delectable food selection that includes pastries and toasties, and seasonal blends from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia on their drinks menu.

This City Is Caffeine Crazy

With so many great options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. From Single O’s innovative brewing techniques to Artificer Coffee’s minimalist aesthetic, Sydney has a coffee brew for every kind of fanatic. Whether you’re a local connoisseur or a coffee-loving tourist, be sure to indulge in some delicious coffee while exploring the city of Sydney. These five coffee shops are just a few of the many great options to choose from, so go get your coffee on.

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